Who Are We

Howdy! I’m Mama Alien, a mother of 2 who has to single-handedly manage the expectations society depicted to me. From taking care of the household, to the monthly expenses, to sending and picking up my first born to and from school and not forgetting all these while breastfeeding, pumping and engaging a handful 8 month old. To all parents, I feel you, the challenges of taking care of (restless) children for a whole day.

One solution is keeping them engaged. But engage them with? Engage them with the right activities and not just glued to the TV or iPad. As exhausted me started looking into home teaching, I found many interesting and engaging activities that not only kept my 4-year-old engaged, but also promoted excellent parent-child bonding. It also my very busy and never home husband to be involved in the precious little time he was at home with the kids!

Mama Astronaut, also a mother to 2 beautiful young children, and a professional educator who has more than 15 years teaching experience in local established preschools and international schools. Being an early childhood teacher, I design activities that cater to the developmental needs of small children. I enjoy bringing my children outdoors, exploring the Mother Nature, investigating the sights and sounds in the environment around us. After working with teachers and a school of young children from Monday- Friday, the last thing I want to do is plan activities for my own children at home. But #Mumguilt is strong!
So I try my very best to create or source for hands-on activities at home. Friends often remarked how the activities are fun and interactive for my little ones and I don’t get it, it’s a no-brainer to me because I have been an Early years educator for 16 years now. I have put in my “what works for early years students” experience into my own children.

Related imageAs friends, we have decided to collaborate together and share learning ideas with each other and to all you busy parents out there. Let’s share the fun because we know how (to have fun) !

In a HowsBox
The main focus of HowsBox’s is on exploration, discovery and thinking out of the box (See our logo!). Children are naturally curious about their world, so give them plenty of opportunities to explore and to learn through play! Exploratory play promotes stimulated brain connections, problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities and so much more. 

Happy Exploring! Happy Learning!